Watch how we help our homeless throughout the year

Our homeless and displaced are some of the biggest victims of our society's apathy and despite this, many of them quietly lead by example every day in acts of kindness, generosity and gratitude. This is how we spread the love, create awareness and compassion for our fellow humans and help to heal our world.

Since our very first mission, spreading love has been contagious. Individuals and businesses from across the spectrum have come forward, volunteering their time, talent, money and goods to help us complete our local housing projects and regional homeless distributions, and to eventually turn our project into the nonprofit it is today.

Time and time again the experience proves to be as much of a blessing for the giver as it does for the receiver. It is quite common for our original clients to become the givers as well. During our distributions, we usually double the amount of volunteers we have. Many of our homeless friends offer us their help and insight to complete our work safely and effectively. The first family to receive help from our local housing project continues to work with us and have encouraged the involvement of many of their friends.

Spreading love inspires and changes people. Alliances and friendships are forged, ideas are exchanged and new solutions are discovered. It reminds us all that even the smallest, thoughtful gesture of love can make an important impact. Most importantly, letting our hearts dictate our actions towards others can heal us all and the communities we live in.

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