Denver, Colorado

June 2015 – June 2017



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Homeless Served

After completing several distributions in Denver we’ve discovered a new and effective method of spreading love. We’ve found a central location where we can create a safe space and set up yard sale style. We can then personally deliver our care packages, food, clothing, personal items as well as our time and compassion to the Denver homeless from this site.

We always leave the areas where we distribute cleaner than we found them. With this commitment we’ve maintained the support of the police force. Cooperation with the authorities has enabled us to settle into our work for the day in a prime location. This gives us valuable time with our homeless friends, many of whom become team members throughout the day, helping with heavy lifting, safety, clean-up and valuable insight for future distributions. We’ve even had an impromptu poetry reading.

I have several family members in the Denver area who have all enjoyed involvement in our distributions, including two little nieces. My nieces have brought a new and profound layer of love to the service we provide. Allowing them to safely connect with people in need infuses everyone involved with a hope that is hard to match. Kids are our future and to give them the knowledge of the power of giving is a true gift.