What is The Spread the Love Commission?

The Spread the Love Commission began in 2014 as a small grassroots movement. By 2016, with the ongoing homeless crisis and increasing support, we became a national nonprofit.

Our approach is simple. We ask our homeless what they might need the most in their day to day survival and then we set out to collect it and bring it directly back to them.

Along with personally delivering high quality and life saving supplies, we bring our time, respect and love to the most vulnerable of our homeless. We rely on our homeless volunteers to give us the insight, only they can provide, to help us make our distributions safe, respectful and impactful for all involved. And we provide a social media platform where our clients can share their experiences and insights with the general public.

We believe this personal approach reduces the detrimental stigma of homelessness and allows us valuable insight into the most effective hand-up solutions to end this crisis.

Our contribution may seem like a drop in the bucket to this overwhelming crisis but we believe it is a critical first step to break the pain cycle of homelessness in the U.S.

With each new supporter and the collaborations we forge with like minded organizations and businesses, our love continues to spread exponentially and new solutions become clearer and closer.

We recently completed our 31st homeless distribution. Thus far, we have hand delivered over $100,000 worth of high quality and life saving supplies, clothing and services to 15 cities and communities, including our own. This was accomplished almost completely with volunteer time and the generosity of local businesses and individuals. Imagine what we can do with your help.

Getting to the ❤ of the matter with our homeless and displaced.

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