Our Mission

Spread the Love Commission takes the helpless out of our homeless crisis by bridging the divide between those experiencing homelessness and those who want to help. Through compassion, connection and vital supplies, we serve as a simple bridge of hope between those who need a hand up and those who have a hand to offer.



Since our conception, we have found the homeless population is not getting enough compassion, resources and supplies they need. And the general public is not getting the information they need to significantly help.


Our Work

We believe by implementing and sharing the simple three-pronged approach: Compassion ❤️ Connection ❤️ Vital Supplies ❤️ that we can help heal the crisis from the inside out.


Get Involved

Spread the Love Commission partners with individuals and organizations locally and around the country. Whether you want to donate your time or money, provide products from your business, or host an event and donate the proceeds, there are many ways that you can get involved!

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Watch how we help our homeless throughout the year

Our homeless and displaced are some of the biggest victims of our society's apathy and despite this, many of them quietly lead by example every day in acts of kindness, generosity and gratitude. This is how we spread the love, create awareness and compassion for our fellow humans and help to heal our world.